Psychophysiological Impact Of Yoga And Yagna

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Book Description

This book is a great attempt in the area of interdisciplinary research. Originally it is an outcome of the exhaustive research work done in the field of physiology, psychology and traditional techniques of yoga & yagna in interdisciplinary manner. The book provides scientific evidences to the society and scientific community regarding our richness in the availability of effective yogic techniques and yagna for ailments of certain psycho-physiological problems. This book describes the historical aspects of our traditional systems of yoga and yagna along with the vast review of scientific research work done during last sixty years. Basically this book covers some simple base line studies on selected aspects of dhyaan, japa, yagna and yagic exercises (including pranayama and specific asanas) on certain clinico-physiological, hematological, bio-chemical, psychological, and electro-physiological parameters of human health. This book expalins the methodology applied and gives rationale to it. It provides data table along with the statistical analysis in the form of standard deviation, mean, p-values etc. A chapter is fully devoted to discussion of results. Impact of dhyaan, japa, yagna and some of yogic exercise such as pranayama and asanas on each and every parameter are separately discussed along with their implications. Book also provides authentic references for the same. It is hoped that the book will establish its reputation among readers as a resource in the area of interdisciplinary research among the fields of yogic sciences, physiology and psychology.